Dental Tourism in Himachal Pradesh, India has vastly flourished over the years. It is considered as an efficient way to explore the colourful Himachal Pradesh with maintaining a great oral health at a much lesser cost compared to foreign cities.  Many people travel to Himachal Pradesh, India for best dental surgery, which are expensive in their own countries.

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Top  Places To Visit In Una

1. Pong Dam

Pong Dam
Constructed across the river Beas, the Pong Dam is one of the most famous attractions in Una. The area is located 450 meters above sea level and is also home to a Wildlife sanctuary which contains a huge number of bird species and animal species like leopard, deer, sambar and wild boars. The place is great for a picnic and photography due to the several birds that can be spotted here.

2. Chintpurni Temple (Chhinnamastika Devi Temple)

Chintpurni temple is considered as one of the most important of the 51 Shakti Peetha in India. The forehead of the Goddess Sati is believed to have fallen at this place. The temple is situated at an elevation of 950 meters above sea level and is dedicated to the Hindu deity Maa Chandi or Chinnamastika.

3. Thaneek Pura

The Hill station of Thaneek Pura is located near the Chintpurni Temple and is situated at an average elevation of 950 meters above sea level. The hill station is famous for its various temples and fairs which are attended and frequented by a huge number of pilgrims from the Hindu and Sikh community in India. Thaneek Pura is also famous for its various treks trails that transverse through some of the most amazing locations filled with nature and adventure.

4. Dera Baba Rudru    

Dera Baba Rudru, established by a celibate solitarian Baba Rudranand in village Nari about 10 kms. from Una, is situated on Una-Amb road near Basal village. It is said that Baba ji was named Rudra as he was considered to be a part of lord Shankar. As per a legend prevalent in the area, once the local nambardar gave a sound beating to Baba’s cows and the herdsmen. Later on when herdsmen narrated the entire incident then Baba Rudranand enquired about the pain they felt. The herdsmen revealed that they simply felt as if the nambardar was simply tricking them by playing pranks. Then Baba Ji showed them his bare back which was full of bruises of lathi blow . After being initiated as a disciple by revered celibate Brahmanand of Kashi, Baba Rudranand Sat in penance under a cluster of five ‘peepuls’ which still exist with in the precincts of the ‘dera’. Click To EnlargeLater on Baba Ji established an ‘akhand dhoona’ in 1850 which is still burning constantly without break. It is believed that there is some spiritual bondage in between the five peepal tree and the ‘vibhuti’(holy ashes) of the ‘akhand dhoona’, because anyone afflicted with a snake bite after being given a dose of ‘vibhuti’ is made to sit or lie under the five peepul tree, is cured by Baba Rudru’s grace and blessings of the snake bite.

5. Kila Baba Bedi Ji

A historic mausoleum situated atop a mountain which offers some great views of the surroundings, Kila Baba Bedi ji is a famous tourist spot. The Kila is a dome built in an interesting Indian and Afghani architectural style and is also known to be the ancestral place of the First Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak.

6. Dera Baba Bharbhag Singh

The place has famous Gurudwara where thousand of Sikhs visit every year to receive the blessing of Baba Bharbhag Singh, who was a saint and established this Gurudwara which was earlier known as Dera. It is about 40 Kms. from Una Town and one can reach this place by bus directly or by train upto Una or by air upto Chandigarh. The Gurudwara is situated on the top of the hill and is surrounded by Ecyluptus trees. The Gurudwara Sarai apart from PWD Rest House is available for the night stay. A famous fair also known as Baba Bhar Bhag Singh Mela is held here in the month of February in honour of Barbhag Singh ji who was reowned for his magical powers. This fair is held at the time of holi and is famous for the treatment of mental problems and is unique fair of its kind in the country. A large number of visitors suffering from mental problems come to this fair and are treated at the gurudwara by the priest called 'Masands'.

7. Gobind Sagar Lake

Gobind Sagar Lake is situated near the Sutlej River and comes under the Bilaspur District of Himachal Pradesh. The lake is 90 km long and covers an area of approximately 170 sq. km. It has been named after the tenth and last guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh.

The lake is connected with a reservoir, where tourists can indulge in activities like boating, sailing, water skiing and water scooter racing. These activities are usually organised in the months of October and November by the Department of Tourism and Civil Aviation. The clear water of the lake is home to mirror carp, tor putitora and many other marine species.  

8. Shiv Bari     

On Hoshiarpur-Dharmsala road, near Gagret on the bank of river Swan (Sombhadra) is located the SHIV BARI which is believed to have been the practicing range for archery pupils of Guru Dronacharya. As per a belief the lord Shiva’s temple in the Shiv Bari was got constructed by Guru Dronacharya to facilitate his daughter Jayati to worship lord Shiva. Thousands of people from the nearly area visit Shiva temple to offer bouquets to the Shiva linga during the months of July/August. There is a very thick forest around the temple but for burning the dead, no piece of wood from the forest can be used for another purpose.

The gateway to Himachal Pradesh, Una is a major industrial hub and is more of a transit spot to reach the more famous locations like Manali, Dharamshala, Kasauli, Shimla etc. The above-mentioned places are the most famous tourist attractions in Una and are not to be missed.

Distances to Major Stations from Una in Kilometers

Una-Nangal-Bhakhra Dam-Naina Devi Temple     55
Una-Anandpur Sahib-Naina Devi Temple     56
Una-Amb-Mubarakpur-Bharwain-ChintPurni Temple     55
Una-ChintPurni Temple-Dehra-Jawalaji Temple     85
Una-Talwara-Pathankot-Jammu-Katra(Vaishno Devi)     325
Una-Lathiani-Barsar-Baba Balak Nath(DeotSidh)     70
Una-Anandpur Sahib     40
Una-Anandpur Sahib-Kiratpur Sahib-Ropar-Chandigarh     120
Una-Chandigarh-Shimla     240
Una-Chandigarh-Delhi     375
Una-Amb-Mubarakpur-Bharwain-Dehra-RaniTaal-Kangra     102
Una-Kangra-Dharamshala     120
Una-Kangra-Palampur     140
Una-Kiratpur-Bilaspur     120
Una-Kiratpur-Bilaspur-Mandi     184
Una-Kiratpur-Bilaspur-Kullu     250
Una-Kiratpur-Bilaspur-Manali     290
Una-Lathiani-Barsar-Bhota-Hamirpur     85
Una-Jogipanga     16
Una-Pirnigah     10
Una-Mahadev Temple of Talmera     30
Una-Dera Baba Barbhag Sing     42
Una-Dera Baba Rudra Nand Ji     9

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