Teeth Whitening

Do you feel uncomfortable while smiling because of discoloured or stained teeth?

If yes, then you surely need Plasma Arc Whitening System used extensively at Healing Touch Dental Clinic and Implant Centre for effectively lightening the natural color of your teeth in less than

one hour without removing any tooth surface.

Our Commitment to Patients - "We strive to achieve that sparkling smile back to your face making you smile confidently."
At Healing Touch Dental Clinic and Implant Centre, getting dental bleaching done is a one-sitting job which was earlier done using 37% carbamide peroxide and plasma bleaching arc but with the advent of newer technologies, we now use laser assisted whitening which gives better and faster results. Now, a patient can see the shade of teeth conspicuously improved in just a single sitting
We also provide home bleaching trays/ bleaching pens which can be used by the patients as and when required for future maintenance.

Dentableaching, also known as tooth whitening, is a common procedure in general dentistry , especially in the field of cosmetic dentistry. A child's deciduous teeth are generally whiter than the adult teeth that follow. As a person ages, the adult teeth become darker due to the following factors:
. Changes in the mineral structure of the tooth, as the enamel becomes less porous
. Bacterial pigments
. Foodstuffs
. Tobacco
. Certain antibiotic medications (like tetracycline)

Why should you get your Tooth Whitening Treatment Done from Us?

You have always wanted that shine back and which could help you smile confidently!

So, the question is, who to trust and why should you do so..........

Most people who come to us are frustrated of their teeth colour which gets discoloured with aging and factors like food and drinks, wine and coffee or even tea which affects the teeth colour.

Several Chain Smokers also require tooth whitening at
regular intervals to get rid of teeth discoloration. In addition to this, people having cracks in the teeth can also get stains under the surface of their teeth.

We first check the condition of the teeth to make sure whether you actually require professional bleaching or not and then start with the procedure before explaining the complete cost estimate. The treatment usually takes just one hour.

Healing Touch Dental Clinic and Implant Centre offers - Excellent professional Bleaching/Power Whitening- as desired by our patients.

Teeth whitening effect stays for almost four to five years, depending upon how people take care once the treatment is completed. If patients continue smoking or constantly intake drinks like coffee and red wine, the effect stays for fewer years. So we, at Healing Touch Dental Clinic and Implant Centre always advise our patients to limit the intake of caffeine and avoid tartar formation.

Usually, some temporary soreness or pain can be felt after the treatment, sensitivity to hot or cold eatables and drinks or even gum pains, which disappears after a few days of treatment.

These accompanced effects have even become a history with usage of special products after bleaching like tooth mousse which stabilize the shade and takes care of any post operative senstivity.

Brighter the smile, more confident you shall feel.

Millions of people are getting this procedure done to get brighter smile on their face. Are you still waiting?

If you have been longing for sparkling teeth and that dazzling smile, Healing Touch Dental Clinic and Implant Centre is the best place for you.

We don't just cure teeth, we innovate smiles...

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