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cdc The fundamental part of working at Healing Touch Dental Clinic and Implant Centre is to prevent and treat dental diseases from the root
We work with only one aim and that is to maintain optimal dental health of all our patients. We make sure that we have understood your dental problem before we start treating it.
Periodontal surgery or a gum surgery is removal of calculus and bacterial plaque from the area surrounding the teeth and the one present below the gum line. The reason why we suggest gum surgery is that it is highly imperative for the patients who want to acquire a stabilized dental condition.
Gum surgery basically involves treating diseases and repairing the abnormalities in the tissues of the teeth and the surrounding area.

What Exactly Is A Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is a gum disease which was referred to as pyorrhea in the early days. It is also the main cause of tooth loss after the age of thirty. The main cause of periodontal disease is poor oral hygiene.
In a periodontal disease, the bacterial infection progresses to the deep tissues of the teeth leading to boneloss and as a result the teeth loose grip or break.

How Would We Conduct A Periodontal Surgery?

  • The very first phase of the treatment in periodontal disease is to reach the root cause of the problem as there might be more than one reason due to which the teeth have become shaky or gums have started bleeding.
    As there are many different reasons for the occurrence of periodontal diseases apart from bad oral health such as diabetes, plaque, epilepsy and pregnancy, we understand the history of the disease before treating.
  • Our team would carry out a thorough examination of the gums to predict the time in which the health of the teeth can be restored.
    If required, our doctors would also remove the diseased tissues and then treat the area with suitable medications and grafts if required.
    We provide you the best periodontal surgery treatment, extending complete care for your oral health.
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